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Tailed cap

1400sPosted by Sara Sat, October 13, 2012 17:52:14

The Tailed cap is surrounded with different solutions on the pattern.

Detail Arachne from Boccaccio's De Mulieribus Claris (Bibliotheque national de France, Francais 599, fol17v). We se the ears hanging down to the sholders. Much fabric is wrinkled in the neck.

This small detail is from December, the Great Hours of Anne of Brittany (Bibliotheque national de France, Latin 9474 fol 15). It looks like it's a seperate ties over the cap. This is one of the reasons to maybe believe that the tailed cap is sewn like the Birgitta cap: wrinkled fabric in the neck with two tails sewn to the neck. (The medieval tailors assistant, page 199). But I think otherwise.

In this detail from November, the Hours of Charles d’Angoulême (Bibliotheque national de France, Latin 1173, fol 6r) you see that in the neck the tail runs to the front but the wrinkles going under the tail runs slightly to the back.

In this detail from Roman de la rose (Bodleian Library MS Douce 195, page 128) you can presume that the tails is needled on to the head.

The pattern from Sophie's ateljé uses two triangles sewn together to the base. This will give the cap ears but not so much fabric in the neck to cover hair,

I combined the Birgitta cap with the Sophies triangle theory.

Again because of my short hair I didn't need so long tails. With this you can chose if you want the ears dragged away from the face ore loosen the tails for making the ears come forward to the face.

Underneath the tailed cap I'm wearing the Birgitta cap.

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